February 8, 2018

Our Focus

To prepare each other for the return of Jesus on Earth and specifically to Western North Carolina.  We do that by focusing on Jesus, worshiping and praying to Him, equipping others to obey Him, and multiplying His followers.

We Offer…

A safe place to connect with God; and lead others through a practical, biblical process of revitalizing our relationship with God and reconciling our relationships with each other; to become agents of healing and transformation in our communities while uniting to seek God for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Ministry Distinctions…

We are not a traditional Western-style church with its many programs.  We value the local church because it is a necessary community for relational health, to advance the gospel, and make disciples of Jesus.  There are some great churches in Western North Carolina that we can recommend to you.  Our ministry is different in that we are structured as a five-fold ministry leadership team as found in Ephesians 4:11; where Jesus is the senior pastor and we are His ministers.  We are non-denominational.  Everything we do is initiated and centered around prayer.  There are three distinct ways to our ministry:

  1. The first is that it is our lifestyle that flows from a life of prayer and the truth of God’s Word.  We live in a culture of prayer and the prophetic.  Our calling is to live and model God’s truth directly to the individuals and issues of our generation to avoid deception and the coming great apostacy; and to also gather the coming great ingathering of God’s people. We speak life to build up others and encourage them to live out the good destiny God has for them.  However, we also seek to create divine unrest, shaking believers out of their lethargy and deception, and thereby creating fresh opportunities for change. The nature of this kind of prophetic message and ministry is rarely comfortable or safe, and therefore requires bold, risk-taking faith. Delivering a prophetic message is truly where life and belief collide—but it is at this point of impact where we believe God for His powerful, genuine, and transforming work.
  2. The second distinction of The Refuge House of Prayer is an authentic lifestyle. Purity, righteousness, and holiness is a way of life for revived people and that is our goal.  Jesus is coming back for a spotless bride.  The opposite of living a revived life is to live a life of hypocrisy, pretense, and/or legalism. In contrast to this ubiquitous fleshly and cultural reality, we value living a lifestyle of transparent brokenness and repentance: with the roof off (relationship with God) and the walls down (relationships with each other). Living authentic, transparent, revived lives will foster heartfelt love for each other, joy in our relationships, and unity in our mission. Living honestly and with integrity must be who we are as individuals and as a ministry, because that is who God calls us to be and what God has called us to model, wherever we are.
  3. The third distinction is anointed ministry. We desire the power and presence of God to rest on us, move through us, and propel us into ministry. Ministering to the Lord and worshiping Him, listening to Him and living in a culture of prayer is essential for the anointing. We value the powerful, anointed proclamation of God’s Word, and prayer which brings brokenness and repentance, and results in streams of living water.  We are not impressed with the spiritual gifts of others unless their character is in alignment with God’s heart and precepts.  Like Moses, we do not want to move anywhere without the glory of God present and leading the way.  As we consider the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we also want to consider the following two questions:
  • Is there a lifestyle of following the leading, guiding, and promptings of the Holy Spirit in all that we are doing?
  • Corporately, is there evidence of the manifest presence of God, the Spirit “falling,” and “interruptions” of the Holy Spirit that bears the fruit of a godly life?